Terminal Silhouettes: Updated SLC

Terminal silhouette of SLC (Salt Lake City)


It’s been a while since I flew through SLC, so when I flew through last week, I noticed right away that there were some extra concourses nearly on top of the existing terminals.

Photo of an airport concourse under construction
New Concourse A, as seen from existing Concourse E

It turns out that SLC is building a pair of replacement concourses on the site of the existing concourses. It looks like their intent will be to move existing flights from the existing concourses C/D/E/F/G to the new concourses A and B, tear down C/D/E/F/G, and then possibly expand A and B to the east.

Because of the work in progress, for the first time, I’ve created two terminal silhouettes in the same drawing – the old terminal before any construction started (circa 2015), and the combined site with both the old and new facilities intertwined. I suspect I’ll eventually also add the final configuration to this image once construction is complete, and perhaps some more intermediate steps if I can find appropriate reference materials.

My Airport History: Salt Lake City (SLC)

Flight Log: http://www.flighthistorian.com/airports/SLC

Despite its status as a Delta hub, every SLC flight I’ve been on has been on American Airlines.

It’s also my worst rental car airport with four out of four experiences being poor – I’ve been rented a car with a loose drivers’ seat, had my reserved car given away twice, and been retroactively charged for rental insurance after explicitly declining it. Only St. Louis’s rental car experience has come anywhere close to that consistently bad.