My Airport History: San Jose, California (SJC)

On my flight log, I’ve flown through San Jose twice –once unintentionally, and once on purpose.

So really, the only notable thing about SJC for me is that it is one of my only single-use per trip airports so far – most new airports get at least two visits (once when I arrive, once when I depart). For both of the trips that I flew into SJC, though, I flew out of SFO.

It’s certainly not my most memorable airport!

My Airport History: Atlanta (ATL)

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Atlanta is the busiest passenger airport in the world and an enormous Delta hub, but it’s largely functioned as my gateway to central Florida on AirTran – five of the eight visits were on the way to or from Orlando.

I’ve also had two unplanned trips through Atlanta, and both of them involved the origin or destination airport changing as well.

For the first, I was supposed fly home from San Francisco through Cincinnati to Dayton, but due to the Comair strike I ended up being rebooked from San José through Atlanta to Dayton instead. That Atlanta to Dayton flight was also my first flight in first class, as Delta had upgraded me for the inconvenience of my itinerary change.

Planned return flights in red; actual return flights in blue. [Great Circle Mapper]

The second change was on a work trip originally booked as Dayton through Chicago-O’Hare to Charleston. This trip was in the early days of the merger of United’s and Continental’s reservation systems, which led to a good portion of my United flights being changed around. In this case, one of my flights got cancelled, and United couldn’t find me another flight to Charleston the same day on any airline serving Dayton. They could, however, book me on a Delta flight through Atlanta to Savannah, where I could then drive the remaining two hours up the coast.,c:blue,day-atl-sav&MS=wls2&MP=rect&PM=b:disc5:black
Planned outbound flights in red, actual outbound flights in blue. [Great Circle Mapper]

My Airport History: San Francisco (SFO)

Back in high school, I’d flown out on my uncle’s frequent flier miles to visit Stanford (before ultimately deciding to stay in the Midwest and attend Rose-Hulman instead). This trip was intended to be DAYCVG–SFO–CVG–DAY, invoking the nearly unnecessary Comair-operated DAY–CVG segment (at 64 miles apart, it’s faster to just drive to CVG than take the layover). However, while I was out in the Bay Area, Comair pilots went on strike, and my returning CVG–DAY segment was cancelled. My rescheduled return flight ended up being SJC–ATL–DAY instead (so I only got one visit to SFO on that trip), but Delta bumped me up to first class for the trouble.

That wasn’t the only trip where I arrived in and departed from different Bay Area airports; my 2009 San José and Dallas trip had me flying into SJC and out of SFO.