Terminal Silhouettes: COS



COS was a very easy terminal to draw; everything was at right or 45º angles and there were no curves.

Normally, I rotate the terminal while I’m working on it so the majority of parallel lines are either completely horizontal or vertical; this allows me to draw large portions of the terminal by creating overlapping rectangles and then combining them with the Union tool, which is much faster than drawing a polygon for many building silhouettes, and then I rotate it back to its natural orientation (north is up on all of my silhouettes). However, to make this drawing even easier, the terminal is naturally oriented due north/south, so I didn’t even need to rotate the terminal.



Airport #59/100: Colorado Springs (COS)

2015-11-06 11.01.13

Colorado Springs Airport · Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
First Visit: 2 November 2015 · http://www.flighthistorian.com/airports/COS

One of the contractors I work with has an office in Centennial, Colorado. Usually, I’ve flown into DEN to visit them, but COS isn’t much further from Centennial, so my coworkers and I decided we’d try out COS instead for our most recent visit.