2015 Year in Travel

2015 was a relatively strong year for me for business travel, with the first and last thirds of the year being particularly busy. Due to that, my total flights and hotel nights just edged above 2014’s numbers, for another record year.

2015 Flights


I had 89 flights this year – 79 for work and 12 personal.


I didn’t take as many personal flights this year, but travel for my job more than made up for the difference.

2015 Hotel Nights

That’s not to say that I didn’t do a lot of personal travel, but a lot of those personal trips were by car. I came out with 30 personal hotel nights and 79 business nights, for a total of 109 nights.


New Airports

I’ve visited six new airports this year:

#55LITLittle Rock, Arkansas, United States
#56YVRVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
#57YYZToronto–Pearson, Ontario, Canada
#58SPSWichita Falls, Texas, United States
#59COSColorado Springs, Colorado, United States
#60BNANashville, Tennessee, United States

I ended the year with 60 total airports visited, and am well on my way to my goal of visiting 100 airports.

Elite Status


My flights were much more spread out among airlines this year, so I ended up getting the lowest tier status on two airlines (Gold on American Airlines and Silver on United) rather than last year’s mid-tier status on one airline. For hotels, I was easily able to pick up the 60 nights required for Diamond status with Hilton, and I even managed to pick up enough Marriott nights to get Silver. (Last year, my United Gold status gave me Marriott Gold status as well, even though I barely stayed with them.)


2015-10-23 13.17.33

Airport #60/100: Nashville (BNA)

2015-12-21 15.54.58

Nashville International Airport · Nashville, Tennessee, United States
First Visit: 21 December 2015 · http://www.flighthistorian.com/airports/BNA

I was one flight short on getting United status in 2015, so I decided to do the airline passenger equivalent of a hundred dollar hamburger and find the cheapest United round trip I could before the end of the year. When Nashville came up as one of the cheaper options, my girlfriend volunteered to drive me down there and drive herself back, so she could get a night in Nashville and I’d only have to pay for an $85.60 one-way fare (though, admittedly, with fuel and wear and tear on the car, I didn’t save much).

And yes, I did actually get a burger, and it was delicious.

2015-12-21 13.56.53
Burger from Gabby’s Burger and Fries, Nashville, TN