Terminal Silhouettes: Updated DFW

Terminal silhouette of DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth)


With 165 visits to date, Dallas/Fort Worth is my most visited hub, and second most visited airport after only my home airport of Dayton.

As with many of my other updates, DFW is one of the earlier terminals I drew, and was not as high quality as I wanted it to be. I’ve now redrawn it completely from scratch, and also captured some minor terminal construction that had taken place since my original drawing in 2015.

Diagram showing labels for DFW Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. Skylink stations are highlighted on every terminal except Terminal D.

As I redrew DFW, I learned that terminals A, B, C, and E were not quite as similar as I originally thought. D (as the newest terminal) is very obviously different, but I’d assumed the other four were all basically similar half-circles. Instead, I found that C and E were actually very slightly elliptical, while A and B did indeed appear to be circular.

Additionally, I’d assumed that the Skylink train stations (highlighted in black) on all terminals except D were symmetrical and in the same position on each terminal. That turned out not to be the case. Each terminal had its stations at a different distance from the center of the terminal’s circle (essentially, the stations stuck out more from some terminals than others) and in the case of Terminal A, even the two stations on the same terminal stuck out different distances. Terminals B and C were vertically symmetrical in their placement of stations (the stations were at the same angle from the center of the terminal’s arc), but A and E were not.

DFW certainly has one of the most recognizable terminal shapes, so it was a neat one to recreate.

Terminal Silhouettes: Updated SLC

Terminal silhouette of SLC (Salt Lake City)


It’s been a while since I flew through SLC, so when I flew through last week, I noticed right away that there were some extra concourses nearly on top of the existing terminals.

Photo of an airport concourse under construction
New Concourse A, as seen from existing Concourse E

It turns out that SLC is building a pair of replacement concourses on the site of the existing concourses. It looks like their intent will be to move existing flights from the existing concourses C/D/E/F/G to the new concourses A and B, tear down C/D/E/F/G, and then possibly expand A and B to the east.

Because of the work in progress, for the first time, I’ve created two terminal silhouettes in the same drawing – the old terminal before any construction started (circa 2015), and the combined site with both the old and new facilities intertwined. I suspect I’ll eventually also add the final configuration to this image once construction is complete, and perhaps some more intermediate steps if I can find appropriate reference materials.

Terminal Silhouettes: Updated ATL

Terminal silhouette of ATL (Atlanta)


ATL has undergone some minor construction since I drew my original ATL silhouette in 2015.

I took the opportunity to redraw ATL, since there were a lot of details I was unhappy with on the original drawing. There were a lot of mistakes I’d made in the drawing due to lack of experience, and I never did like having all the emergency exit stairs cluttering the silhouette. The result is a much cleaner silhouette.