Beavercreek Bathrooms

Map of property parcels in Beavercreek, Ohio, color coded by number of bathrooms, which ranges from 1 to 9.
Street data © OpenStreetMap contributors

Some of the local neighborhoods that I go on walks through were damaged by the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes, and I’ve gradually watched some houses be rebuilt. I had an idea of playing around with plotting the path of the property damage, so I went looking for Beavercreek, Ohio property parcel shapefiles.

I came across the Greene County parcel dataset, which in addition to the shapes of properties in the area had quite a bit of data about the structures – including, as it turns out, the number of bathrooms each house in the county.

Temporarily distracted by this newfound data, I fired up QGIS and created a map of the values of the FULL BATH field, filtered by residential properties (in the CLASS field).

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