I’ve Rehosted my Portfolio

My Portfolio was the first non-tutorial Ruby on Rails application I created, and while it was functional, there were a lot of things I did wrong.

When I looked for somewhere to host my website, I was still looking at it from a PHP mindset – find a server somewhere that will run Rails, and FTP files up to that host as I create or update them. This meant that I wasn’t taking advantage of Git’s capability to push updates to a production server. Additionally, hosting a Rails application this way meant I was stuck on whatever version of Rails was present on that server – and the server I selected back in 2012 is still running Rails 3.2.11. With all of that, it was time to move my Portfolio to a more modern host.

I’d originally written my Flight Historian as a component of my Portfolio. Earlier this year, I’d split it off into its own separate application, and hosted that new application on Heroku. It was time to make this move for my Portfolio as well.

My portfolio still had a lot of vestigial code from the Flight Log, and there were a lot of changes I wanted to make to the layout and structure of the site (I particularly wanted to move the projects front and center to the home page of the site), so I decided to take the opportunity for a complete rewrite as a new rails application.

The new Portfolio can be found at the same old address:


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