Airport #68/100: Reykjavík–Keflavík (KEF)

2016-04-03 15.16.05.jpg

Reykjavík, Iceland
First visit: 2 April 2016

I live in the Dayton, Ohio area. Although it’s certainly not tiny (with a metro area population just under 800 000), it’s not exactly a big city either. Similarly, though I’ve certainly been to smaller airports than Dayton, I don’t think of it as huge either – it’s got enough flights, but they’re mostly regional jets to hubs east of the Rockies.

So traveling to Iceland is really weird for me, because the entire country of Iceland has less than half the population of the Dayton metro area, and so even its biggest airport at Keflavík isn’t physically much different in size from DAY.

Size comparison showing that KEF and DAY have similar sized building footprints.

Yet since KEF is the main international entry point into Iceland, this small airport has a lot of big jets, immigration and customs facilities, and duty-free shops. In my usual domestic travel, I’m only used to seeing that at the enormous US hub airports, so it certainly came as a bit of a shock to have so much available at an airport no larger than my home airport.

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