Size Comparison of the Busiest US Airports

Now that I’ve built the terminal silhouettes for a number of airports, I can start to do some interesting things with them. For example, the three busiest airports in the United States – Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago-O’Hare – are all enormous, but I was wondering how big they are compared to each other.

Size Comparison ATL LAX ORD
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Finding Your Tail Number (When You Can’t See It)

Every aircraft has a unique registration number, usually printed on or near the tail – think of it like a license plate for an airplane.

Photo of several regional jets with the tail numbers highlighted

I track tail numbers on my flight log in order to let me keep track of whether I’ve been on a particular airplane before, and to let me know which particular airplanes I’ve flown on most often.

If you can see the tail number of your plane, great! But if you can’t see it, you can usually find the tail number with a bit of detective work.

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