Terminal Silhouettes

In preparation for another project I’ve still got in the planning stages, I needed to teach myself how to create Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) drawings. For practice, I decided to create silhouettes of the terminals and concourses of all of the airports I’ve visited to date.

Tools and References

To draw these terminals, I’m using Inkscape, an open source vector graphics editor. My primary reference has been Google Earth satellite imagery, supplemented by other satellite imagery, each airport’s website, and my own memory of the airport.

Image Specifications

  • In most cases, only active terminals and active concourses are included in the silhouette, and any other structures are excluded. Exceptions can be made if a structure is inherent to the identity of the airport.
  • Up is true north on all terminal silhouettes.
  • At default scale on the SVG file, 1 pixel = 1 meter.
  • Bitmap graphics are exported in PNG format at 90 dpi. (As some airports are very large, some images may be scaled in your browser. Downloading the SVG file linked on each post should allow you to view the airports to scale.)