My Airport History: Cincinnati (CVG)

Photo of CVG lobby

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Cincinnati, Ohio/Kentucky, United States

First visit: 22 March 2001

I live in Beavercreek, Ohio – a suburb of Dayton. So while my logical airport is Dayton, I can get to Cincinnati or Columbus’s airports in a bit over 75 minutes each (or even Indianapolis in two hours), and it’s often worth doing so for a better price or better flight.

For whatever reason, Cincinnati does seem to be the airport that I take the majority of my trips to the Bay Area from, and my first two recorded trips were to visit Stanford when I was looking at colleges in high school, and to visit family on the winter break of my freshman year of college.

It took almost seven years before I flew through CVG again, this time for a wedding in Georgia. CVG has been a hub for Delta in the past, and they’re still the largest presence there; at the time of my Georgia trip, then, they operated out of Terminal 3, while every other airline operated out of the crowded, old, and generally unpleasant Terminal 2. That terminal became my experience with CVG for a while, as I rarely fly Delta.

With Delta’s shrinking operations at CVG, all airlines are now operated out of the much nicer (and more recently updated) Terminal 3; while I haven’t had a flight there since 2012, I’m now looking forward to flying out of there again on any airline.

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