One Hundred Airports

When I first started flying frequently, I didn’t have any particular goals in mind. I vaguely wanted to visit places I hadn’t been before, but I had nothing that I could hold myself to.  Once I got the flight log up and running, though, I had a much larger set of information about how I’d flown in my travels, and that allowed me to make my goals much more concrete.

Hence the title of the blog, and the meter in the sidebar. At the time of this writing, I’ve visited 42 airports, and I’d like to reach 100.

Visiting my 42nd airport (GRK), and I knew where my towel was.
Visiting my 42nd airport (GRK), and I knew where my towel was.

This will be a challenging goal to meet; I’ve already picked a lot of the low-hanging fruit by taking layovers in different hubs. My travel is largely within the United States, and looking at the FAA’s 2012 enplanement stats, I’ve been to 23 of the 29 large hubs in the US – I’m only missing IAH, MIA, FLL, MDW, SAN, and TPA.  My home airport of DAY doesn’t serve any of these airports, so I’d have to fly out of CMH or CVG, making them a little harder to pick up as layovers. Also, particularly for MIA, FLL, and TPA, there aren’t many reasons for me to have a layover in Florida on domestic travel from Ohio, so I’d probably only pick them up as a layover on a multi-city itinerary.

So a lot of my remaining airports will have to come as destinations. This is a long term goal.